Introduction to Hooopers

An 8-week course into the up & coming low-impact sport of hoopers. Learn how to navigate barrels, tunnels and hoops from the basics to competition level courses.

** At present, due to lack of a suitbale venue, Hoopers Classes are not running.**

Course length: 8 weeks
Each class lasts: 45 Minutes
Max dogs per class: 6

Suitable for

Dogs of all ages. We ask that dogs have a strong level of foundation obedience which includes the ability to work around other dogs and focus.

Class Information

Hoopers is a low-impact fast-paced dog sport, which came over from the USA to the UK in 2017, this latest dog sport is taking the UK by storm. 

Hoopers is considered to be one of the most challenging dog sports, the handler’s job is to direct the dog around a fast-paced but flowing course of hoops, tunnels and barrels. 

Learn to work with your dog, strengthen your bond and provide a stimulating outlet for their energy. 


£90 per dog and handler team.

Venue Information

At present, we do not have a suitable venue for Hoopers.