Ethical, Kind, Science based behaviour rehabilitation and training. Delivered by qualified experts. 

We can give you the guidance and support to better understand and communicate with your dog. Our goal is to help build a happier relationship with your dog, whether you have just brought a new puppy home, are struggling with the terrible teens or want to teach an old dog some new tricks.

We are here to help.


Training Classes 

  • Puppy Socialisation & Manners Courses

  • Adolescent Life Skills


All delivered by qualified & experienced trainers.

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Fun Activities

  • Hoopers Classes

  • Scentwork Workshop

  • Recall Workshops 

  • Agility Sessions

  • Puppy Socialisation Classes

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Working Breed Workshops

Workshops aimed specifically at working breeds:

  • Intro Gun Dog Classes

  • Get Connected With Your Collie

  • Herding Dogs in the Urban World

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The Woof Pack was founded in 2018 by Ellen Greenwood-Sole, CBST.


Ellen works with all breeds, however specialises in herding breeds. She helps owners across Yorkshire understand their dog's needs better and improve their relationship.


Our philosophy is to use kind, fair and effective training which allows both dog and owner reach their full potential. 

All training courses are run by experienced and qualified instructors. 

Code of Ethics

The Woof Pack works within the Principles and Code of Ethics set out by The Association Of Pet Dog Trainers.This means all training is based upon modern, evidence based training using scientifically researched methods. Our training is 100% force free and delivered with passion.

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Took my Collie to meet Ellen, as we have been having some issues with her herding cars, and Ellen’s knowledge and understanding of collies and why they tick is fantastic. I now understand why she behaves the way she does and all about herding.

We have started playing sheepball, giving Luna an outlet for her herding behaviour and working with her around cars. We have very little issues around cars anymore, all thanks to Ellen.

Thank you so much!


Luna's Owner - Ruby