The Woof Pack offers group classes to clientele across Halifax, Calderdale and Littleborough.

Our groups cover skills every companion dog needs to know, from looselead walking, settling, recall to building focus 

We are specialised in working breeds, and offer a wide range of workshops and courses, designed specifically with those breeds in mind, including Scent work,  Gun-dog, and Herding Breed workshops. 

With gentle reward-based training methods, consistency, patience and determination, there is no problem that we cannot help you with. We don’t use any gimmicks, we just use scientifically proven methods of dog training.



I believe trainers should offer support, training and knowledge to better help owners understand and communicate with their companions. Training should be fun and enjoyable for both dog and owner. We should be kind, fair and consistent when we are teaching our dogs.  

We only use proven methods that work. 

All training is done with the dogs' well being at the centre.

It is based upon kind, fair and effective methods. 

Wish your dog walked nicely on lead? Fed up of having your arm ripped out of your socket?

What We Offer

Puppy Training Packages

Set your puppy up for life, get them started on the right paw forward!

We offer home visits to assist with pup from the moment you bring them home that cover house training, mouthing, crate training & more. Once your pup has their 1st vaccination, they are eligible to attend our ‘Successful Socialisation’ Course that focusses on interactions with other dogs, building confidence & how to successful expose your puppy to life. Our Puppy Socialisation & Manners Course is suitable from 2nd vaccination up to 20 weeks old. The course focusses on socialisation & life skills such as recall, lead walking & prevention of problem behaviours such as jumping up


We offer the above sessions & courses in a number of packages to suit you.

  • Bronze Package includes: enrolment onto our Puppy Socialisation & Manners Course (6 weeks).

  • Silver Package includes: a 90-minute consultation at your home to set your puppy up for success & enrolment onto our Puppy Socialisation & Manners Course.

  • Gold Package includes: a 90-minute consultation at your home, enrolment onto our Puppy Socialisation & Manners Course and a space on one of our workshops (recall, looselead walking, confidence building & more workshops available!).



Adolescence or the teenage phase starts in dogs around 6 months old. It can be characterised by regression in training, limited attention spans & interest in anything other than the owner. It can be a very frustrating time.

Our six-week training course looks at exercises that rebuild the connection between dog & owner & revisiting the important foundation behaviours from recall, walking on the lead, settling and much more.

Let us help you with your troublesome teen!



We are excited to be able to offer one of the UK’s fastest growing dog sports!


Hoopers is great fun for young and old dogs, it’s a great way to teach drive, distance handling and independence!

Hoopers is a low impact dog sport in which you guide your dog through a series of hoops, tunnels and barrels. 

Ellen is an accredited Canine Hoopers UK instructor.



Have you caught the training bug? Are you a dog professional that wants a safe space to train their dog?

Join us!


Each month a topic, trick or discipline is chosen, then weekly we will deep dive into the topic, build up the behaviour and geek out on dog training.


This class is for clients who have done our progression course and would like to do more, dog training enthusiasts or even other trainers, who would like a safe space to train their own dogs.


Our specialised classes are for dogs which bark, growl, and lunge at other dogs. The reactive dog course is set over four sessions, which are held fortnightly and last an hour. A maximum number of dogs that can attend on a course is four. Suitability for the course will be verified by Clinical Animal Behaviourist Danielle Beck prior to booking.

What the course covers?

  •    Teaching you to understanding your dog’s reactive behaviour

  •   Teaching you about your dog’s triggers

  •   Understanding dog behaviour and communication

  •   How to manage situations to help your dog

  •   Positive reward based behaviour training

  •   Re-educate your dog around the triggers and introduce this into everyday life.


The course package also includes access to Control the Meerkat where you will be able to watch video tutorial demos, online reactive dog courses, and see live chats with Danielle Beck. You will also be invited to access a forum to chat with other peers that are or have attended the course.

The dogs start and progress together throughout the course. Once you have completed the four sessions, you will have the option to continue with progressing further with regular practical set ups.





Working Gundog breeds as pets still have a strong desire to chase, hunt & range far. Often these highly desirable working gun dog traits can be a challenge when an outlet is not provided. The introduction course to Gundog training incorporates activities that build focus and shows you how to harness your dog’s potential. 



Does your dog pull? Do you want to enjoy your walks again?

We can help!

Our three part course looks at teaching you tips & techniques to build a consistent & reliable loose lead with your dog.



Are you fed up of your dog completely ignoring you?

Do you wish they would come back when called?

We can help!

Our three part course looks at teaching you tips & techniques to build a consistent & reliable recall with your dog.



On our introduction to scentwork, your dog will learn how to use their nose to search, we will put them onto a scent and have fun doing

our detection exercises. 

Once you have completed our introduction to scentwork, you can then come to our monthly workshops, with new and different themes and exercises. We will also start to work on indication. 

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