We provide 1-2-1 dog training and group classes. Our puppy and dog training classes in available in Halifax and throughout West Yorkshire. We cover skills every companion dog needs to know including basic obedience.  In these sessions we focus on loose lead walking, house training, encouraging your puppy to settle, 'The Name Game', recall, safe handling, appropriate play and much more.


We also offer Puppy Socialisation and Manners courses, which are a must for any new puppy.

If you need support before the course starts, we also offer a puppy pre-vaccination visit, where we can come as soon as the puppy comes home to make sure you are starting best paw forward. 


If you are unsure about which breed is right for you or where to find a reputable breeder before you add a new canine family member. We are able to give you advice and assistance  through our 'New Puppy Package'.


We are specialised in working breeds, and offer a wide range of workshops and courses, designed specifically with those breeds in mind, including Scent work,  Gun-dog, and Herding Breed workshops. 


Most of our classes now support the use of clickers and clicker training.

With gentle reward-based training methods, consistency, patience and determination, there is no problem that we cannot help you with. We don’t use any gimmicks, we just use scientifically proven methods of dog training.


I believe trainers should offer support, training and knowledge to better help owners understand and communicate with their companions. Training should be fun and enjoyable for both dog and owner. We should be kind, fair and consistent when we are teaching our dogs.  

We only use proven methods that work. 

All training is done with the dogs' well being at the centre.

It is based upon kind, fair and effective methods. 

Wish your dog walked nicely on lead? Fed up of having your arm ripped out of your socket?

What We Offer



Training should begin from day one of bring your bundle of joy home, however there are risks of taking an

un-vaccinated puppy to a class or out to the park. That's why we offer a Pre-Vaccination Puppy start off home visit to get you started straight away. 

We make sure you're confident starting toilet training, crate training, early socialisation and habituation. We aim to prevent problem behaviours like barking and jumping up from ever happening! Not to mention how to manage those little sharp teeth! 

Set your puppy up for life and help your puppy start on with the right paw forward. 

All individuals who take out a Puppy Pre-Vaccination Package will receive a discount on the Puppy Socialisation and Manners course. 



We offer one to one training sessions for more challenging behaviours, or if you'd just like to brush up on your dog's skills. We can help with recall, loose lead walking, toilet training, puppy biting and much more! 


You will have an initial consult, where we will make a full assessment and then decide which package most suits you and your dogs needs.

These are focused sessions and are followed up with a full report detailing everything to set you on the right track and support afterwards over the phone should it be needed. 


Perfect for people who can't commit to any of our regular classes! 


This takes place over three 1-2-1 training sessions.  


We come to you, and give you all the information and training that you would receive from our normal class, but in the comfort of your own home, and a convenient time to you. 

You will also have plenty of opportunity to ask for help in resolving specific issues you may be having.


This is a 6 week course for puppies 20 weeks and under.


It focuses on teaching your puppy how to interact with both dogs and humans appropriately and politely, building your relationship with your new family member, building your puppies confidence and teaching basic manners.  

We focus on the prevention and management of common puppy problems. 



This is a  6 week course for puppies and dogs aged  6 months and over.


This course covers basic obedience such as sit, down, stay, recall, loose lead walking, settle, focusing around new distractions and much more ! 

We focus on getting you, as the owner, to understand a little bit more about how dogs think and their actions. 


We aim to help build a better relationship between yourself and your dog.


We are excited to be able to offer one of the UK’s fastest growing dog sports!


Hoopers is great fun for young and old dogs, it’s a great way to teach drive, distance handling and independence!

Hoopers is a low impact dog sport in which you guide your dog through a series of hoops, tunnels and barrels. 

Ellen is an accredited Canine Hoopers UK instructor.



We'd love to hear from you



This workshop is perfect for any Collie owner or enthusiast, we will look at what makes them tick, all their little quirks and introduce you into the world of Sheep Ball!

Sheep Ball is a fabulous activity designed with Collies in mind.


It uses all their innate herding abilities and puts them to the test keeping your Collie mentally and physically active. It’s lots of fun and very fulfilling for the job.


It gives them an outlet for the job they were born to do.


Are you  fed up of your dog completely ignoring you?

Does your dog never come back?

Then this workshop is for you! In two hours, we will give you all the tools and trainer tricks to build a rock solid recall and become the envy of the park.


Monthly  workshops. 

On our introduction to scentwork, your dog will learn how to use their nose to search, we will put them onto a scent and have fun doing our detection exercises. 

Once you have completed our introduction to scentwork, you can then come to our monthly workshops, with new and different themes and exercises. We will also start to work on indication. 

Fun Gun Dog

Monthly workshops. 

Open to all gun dog breeds.


Exercises will include introductions to whistle, developing the retrieve, loose lead, working around other dogs and focusing on their handler. 

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