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Acing Adolescence
Training Classes

Adolescence can be a tough time due to all the brain changes that your dog is experiencing – the ace adolescent class is here to help equip you with tools and techniques to help your dog thrive.

Course length: 6 weeks
Each class lasts: 45 Minutes
Max dogs per class: 6

Suitable for

Dogs aged 5 months and older.

Class Information

When dog’s hit adolescence it can feel that all their training has disappeared and it can be very frustrating. Over the course of six weeks we will reteach life skills from a reliable recall, looselead walking, manners such as not jumping up, focus around distractions and so much more.


We use reward based training to ensure that  all dogs have a positive and fun experience. 

Subjects covered during our course include but not restricted to:

– Eye Contact
– Frustration Tolerence

– Looselead Walking

– Reliable Recall

– Leave 

– Settle, an Off Swich

– Not Jumping Up

– Wait

– Appropiate Interactions with Other Dogs

– Handling

- Appropiate Play


The six week courses are £120. The cost includes a welcome pack.

Venue Information

Our classes are delivered at St Columba Church Hall, Halifax, HX2 0QF.

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