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For some dogs classes won't be suitable or meet their needs. An individual approach is needed, especially for those experiencing behavioural challenges.

Sometimes sharing our lives with our dogs can feel like an uphill battle, rather than the pleasurable and relaxing experience we imagine when bringing our four legged family member home. 

We understand how hard behavioural challenges can be for both ends of the lead, Whether it is the embarrassment as your dog appears demented on the end of the lead barking or walking on egg shells to prevent a bite. 

It does not have to be this way. Your dog is a precious member of your family and you can help them.


We can help you with...

Reactivity towards dogs, people and animals
Resource guarding
Car Chasing
Anxious behaviour
Lack of confidence
Inappropiate herding behaviours
We offer behavioural consultations on veterinary referral/consent. It ensures that your dog does not have an underlying medical condition that could be causing or contributing to the problem behaviour.

When dogs display behavioural challenges, it is more than training life skills or obedience. Identifying the underlying emotion and working to change the emotion is crucial. Ellen will assess your dog to help you understand why they behave the way they do, provide you with clear management advise and training/ behavioural modification exercises during the first appointment. To minimise and avoid rehearsal of the problem behaviour and start to teach more desirable responses. 

You will receive a written plan of action to follow and refer back to. Our team are on hand to support you via email/phone to troubleshoot, share success and keep developing the plan to move things forward.
Next Steps, Packages and Prices
Step One: Chose the appropriate package

Whatever the problem, choosing the appropriate package is the first step to bringing back harmony into your household. The session takes place in the comfort of your home or at our private training field with flexibility to fit around your schedule. 

Simply choose the package from the options below and click the link to book, choosing a date and time to suit you.
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Bronze Behaviour Package

This includes:

1X initial assessment (1.5 hours)

2 X Catch up Zooms (20 min)

1X Rehab session (1 hour)

Dog Outdoors
Silver Behaviour Package
This includes:

1X initial assessment (1.5 hours)

4 X Catch up Zooms (20 min)

3 X Rehab session (1 hour)

Dog with a toy
Gold Behaviour Package

This includes:

1X initial assessment (1.5 hours)

6 X Catch up Zooms (20 min)

5 X Rehab session (1 hour)

Step Two: 

Click the link below to complete the consultation form online and download the veterinary consent form.
You will need to complete the consult form and your veterinary practice to complete veterinary consent form.

Once complete, return the veterinary consent form via email to Please note that we require the form to be completed and returned to us no later than 48 hours prior to your consultation.

If you have any questions check out our FAQ page or get in touch.
Behavioural Form
Veterinary Consent Form
Ready for some help with your dog's behavioural challenges?

We can't wait to hear from you. 

Complete the form below and our admin team will be in touch with more details within 72 hours Monday - Friday.

We look forward to speaking to you soon!

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