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Our team of expert trainers cover all of Halifax, Calderdale and Huddersfield. The individual training sessions can take place at our training field in Halifax, or at a place convenient to you.  
We have a number of packages, to suit every problem and budget. Each starts with an initial assessment to enable us to understand the challenges you are facing, put management protocols in place and start training on the right paw.
Following the session, you will be sent a through and detailed training plan to help with your future training and a free follow up session, to ensure training is going well. You will also receive free email support after your session. 

If you struggle to commit to a course, would like to focus on a specific aspect of training or your dog would work better individually, our bespoke and personalised training packages would suit you.

Next Steps, Packages and Prices
Step One: Chose a package

Whatever the problem, choosing the appropriate package is the first step to bringing back harmony into your household. The session takes place in the comfort of your home or at our private training field with flexibility to fit around your schedule. 

Simply choose the package you would like to book from the options below and we can arrange them at a time to suit you, or book them through the link choosing a date and time to suit you.
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Bronze Training Package
This includes:

1X initial assessment (1 hour)

2 X Catch up Zooms (20 min)

1X Rehab session (1 hour)

Dog Outdoors
Silver Training Package 

This includes:

1X initial assessment (1 hour)

4 X Catch up Zooms (20 min)

3 X Rehab session (1 hour)

Dog with a toy
Gold Training Package

This includes:

1X initial assessment (1 hours)

6 X Catch up Zooms (20 min)

5 X Rehab session (1 hour)

Step Two: 

Complete the consultation form that is available below. Please note that we require the form to be completed and returned to us no later than 48 hours prior to your consultation.

If you have any questions, check out our FAQ page or get in touch.
Consultation Form

Get in Touch with us!

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