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The Nose Knows - Scentwork Workshop

Smell is a dog's strongest sense - harness it. Learn to work as a team to locate, indicate and search for a specific scent.

Workshop duration: 120 Minutes
Max dogs per class: 6

Suitable for

Dogs of all ages.

Class Information

Scentwork Detection courses designed to teach the foundations to you and your dog. Designed for dogs with little to no formal training experience or to refresh and retrain an experienced dog.

Whether your dog is a puppy, adolescent or adult. They’ve been with you all their life or a recent rescue. With our dog scentwork training sessions. You both can all learn the enjoyment and enrichment of scentwork.


£40 per dog and handler team.

Venue Information

The classes are held at St Columba Church Hall, Halifax, HX2 0QF.

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